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Mangaowl Alternatives: 12 Best Sites For Read Manga Online For Free

There’s no age for watching cartoons, animations, and comics. In such a case, age is but a number! As we enter the digital world, everything is accessible on digital media, whether it is social media, cartoons, dramas, or comics. Today, Manga comics are also very easy to read because you can read them online or offline on your device. When it comes to manga, MangaOwl is the top digital manga portal in Japan, where you can access more than 5000 comics. Here, you can scan the comics and screenshots and get a PDF form to read for free. While the platform had become quite a favorite for manga lovers, it went through several ups and downs, leading to its closing. Although the forum was reactivated in the previous months, it seems to be shut down again. With this unpredictability, manga lovers are now considering alternatives for reading their favorite manga online! Here, we’ll take you through 12 of the best manga alternatives!

What is MangaOwl?What is MangaOwl

MangaOwl is the most popular and renowned platform for reading manga because it has a very extensive library for manga. People love the platform because it is free from ads and has a simple user interface. With the database undergoing regular updates, users easily find their favorite old or new comics! Moreover, MangaOwl also gives users the chance to interact with other readers. The website always updates users with the latest Manga so that you can find all recently published ones here too. Besides that, the platform also gives users free access to fantastic manga jokes, covering a huge collection of over 25,000 articles.

Hence, MangaOwl is a popular platform for reading manga, widely loved by many users. Yet, many people have expressed concerns over security issues and frequent site closings.

What are the Genres MangaOwl Offers

MangaOwl, the popular manga streaming website, offers comics and manga from different genres that you can read at your ease. The website has a genre section available at the top where you can select your genre. Some of the popular genres on MangaOwl are Adventure, Anthology, Bara, Aliens, Cards, Action, 4 Koma, Comedy, All Ages, Animals, Adaption, and Award Winning.

The Top 12 Alternatives to MangaOwl for Reading Manga 2022

Earlier on, MangaOwl announced the closure of the site. This disappointed manga fans because this website was their go-to for reading manga. Well, don’t lose hope just yet. You’re lucky enough to have other services and websites offering an extensive collection of manga for you to read and enjoy. Let’s take you through the twelve best alternatives to MangaOwl so you can seamlessly enjoy reading your favorite manga.

1. MangaDexMangaDex

MangaDex is one of the best alternatives to MangaOwl because of its unique and attractive features. Users are free to choose from multiple series and even the same series with different endings and versions. Each manga is available in various languages, colored versions, fan-fiction endings, and much more. This manga website contains the most extensive collection of Josei, manga, Shonen, and Seinen comics. Comics are available in 20 different languages, including Italian and German. Its group feature brings MangaDex to the top of the list, where users can start groups and connect with others through the website forum. Users can share and discuss the existing manga comics and upload their own manga series versions. Once the versions are uploaded, the community verifies them, and if approved, they are made public. If you’re searching for an excellent alternative to MangaOwl to watch your favorite manga, MangaDex is the perfect option!


2. MangaFoxMangaFox

MangaFox is another of our favorite alternatives to MangaOwl because of its growing popularity. What we love about the website is its bright and attractive interface; a perfect blend of white, orange, and black. Many websites have tried to clone or mirror this site because of its attractive interface. The overall reading experience of the website is enhanced by its user-friendliness and adaptive zoom feature. What’s more, is that the website has an Android version for ease of reading on phones. Another notable feature that interests users is the rating feature that allows you to read popular comics rated highly in the day, month or week. On the website’s leaderboard, users can see the 100 popular comics. If you leave in between your reading, you can open the history and start from where you left. Nevertheless, you’ll to login to view the history. Today, MangaFox is shifted to but you can use all the features on this site.


3. MangagoMangago

Manango is a cute and beautiful online manga site, which is a great alternative to MangaOwl. A live version of the website is available online, where you can read some amazing comics like Dragon Ball. All the manga are enlisted in a manga directory where you can access all your favorite ones. The website has a straightforward user interface, and users can post their queries to get answers without annoying pop-up advertisements. The best part of the website is that you can get accurate translations of mangas here, even the ones that aren’t common. Moreover, you can either download the mangas for offline reading or read them online. The non-profit manga website allows you to watch your favorite manga with high-quality graphics without paying a penny. The website has had millions of users since its working in 2010. If you want to read manga in English, there’s no better alternative for you!


4. MangaTownMangaTown

In the list of MangaOwl alternatives, we cannot miss out on MangaTown, a perfect option with a diverse manga library. Even with the free tool, the simple interface is modern, letting users read any manga they want. You also have multiple categories on the platform and an A-Z filter for searching through the options. You no longer need to spend hours searching through the lists. You can scroll through this website to find the latest manga genres and versions. The downside is that there is no place to communicate with other readers. Without the forum available, you’ll need to interact through the comments section to share views and though with others. The interface is also a little chaotic but is a good learning experience for those who want to explore something new. Yet, the website offers free access to manga comics without requiring registration. Select the manga you want to read and choose your language to start reading!


5. MyAnimeListMyAnimeList

We’re still not out of options for the MangaOwl alternatives! Another great alternative is MyAnimeList, another excellent manga platform with around 775K manga listings and 4.4 million entries. In terms of the collection of animes, MyAnimeList remains on the top with the most significant database and millions of global users.  You don’t have to worry about finding the best animes and manga because you’ll find complete episodes on the website Furthermore, the platform allows users to organize and grade anime and Manga. The interface of the site is straightforward to use.

The good thing is that you don’t even need to register yourself to enjoy your favorite Manga. Users can interact in the website’s community section to talk about different manga and anime topics. What you need to use for the website is a good internet connection! So stream your favorite anime and Manga in high quality on MyAnimeList.


6. MangaFreakMangaFreak

Another fantastic option for watching your favorite manga is MangaFreak, a website that you can use for free to read your favorite comics! Regardless of being free, the website offers access to the latest and oldest manga comics like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and many others. The manga collection at MangaFreak is also commendable, covering a wide variety of genres, and ensuring that no one is left out. The website’s popularity resulted in several duplicates and replicas by the competitors.

With this website, you can continue reading your manga using the history saving feature from where you left off. You can even download manga comics for later reading. You’ll never be out of options; click the random button to get a list of the famous and trending mangas. If you want to read your favorite manga without interruption, MangaFreak is an excellent choice because it is free from ads. Watch your favorite mangas on MangaFreak with its new release, random, and old manga collection.


7. ComixologyComixology

Comixology differs from other manga websites because it serves as a cloud-based website, having a collection of over 100,000 comics. This site is an excellent go-to option if you’re interested in Korean, Chinese, American, and other manga. While the website started in 2007, it became viral over the years resulting in its purchase by Amazon, the internet giant, in 2014. Ever since there’s barely any chance of the site closing down, so feel at ease using it to read your favorite manga. This website isn’t free, so if you’re up for paying some money to read your manga, this is a good headstart. But for manga fans, this platform is impressive, regardless of being paid. However, we don’t expect the website user interface to be the best because a tech company owns it. Comixology is still a fantastic website for manga fans who want to read their favorite manga in English.

8. TenMangaTenManga

TenManga is an up-to-date website for reading mangas where you can explore a variety of over 55 different comic genres. There are barely any popular manga or comics that you won’t find here. The best part is that the site is updated with the latest comics, and you can search through the search box effortlessly. The different genres covered here for mangas include anime, adventure, suspense, etc., and you can explore each category by clicking on it. What users find unique about TenManga is that it uses the latest “top-menu” feature, which is easily accessible. If you’re indecisive about which comics or manga to read, click the surprise button to get the website’s selection of random comics and mangas. This feature ensures you never get bored or run out of options to read. If you’re in the mood to read the latest manga, TenManga is an excellent alternative to MangaOwl.


9. MangaReaderMangaReader

With its simple interface and extensive manga collection, MangaReader makes it to our list of the best MangaOwl alternatives for reading the best mangas online. MangaReader has an extensive collection of over 1000 comics, covering even the latest ones. You can read all mangas at high resolution on your mobile and laptop devices. With its exceptional layout and diverse collection, the website became quite popular in 2017 in countries like Japan and China. Today, it isn’t limited to these countries alone. Instead, MangaReader is used around the globe to read mangas and comics.

MangaReader has everything well organized on its straightforward platform, so you can seamlessly scroll to find your favorite manga. If you’re unsure what to read, click the surprise button to get a random selection of manga from the website. One of the most-loved features of the website is its A to Z filter, which makes navigation very easy! If you want to read your favorite manga effortlessly, MangaReader is the ideal choice.


10. MangaPandaMangaPanda

MangaPanda is another manga website that is much similar to MangaReader and Mangastream. The platform has a very vast manga library, covering more than 1000 comics, not even leaving out the latest ones. You can read your favorite manga on MangaPanda in high resolution on any device whether computer, mobile, or tablet. You’ll get to explore a vast collection of genres for manga including adventure, action, mystery, thriller, love, and many others. If you’re having a hard time scrolling to find a manga, feel free to click the surprise button to get a random selection of the best mangas to read.

All content available in MangaPanda is free for users. If you don’t want to read the edited manga versions, you can find the original version and read that. The A to Z filter of the website makes navigation much easier. However, one problem with the website is link pop-ups that may ruin your reading experience as they keep popping up. So, if you want to read the latest manga articles, this website is just what you need!


11. MangaStreamMangaStream

MangaStream started in 2006 and has risen to the top as a famous manga platform people use to read their favorite mangas. MangaStream is a great place to begin your journey if you’re a starter. The website has a sizeable collection of Manga for you to browse through and search. If you like a manga comic and plan on reading it later, you can add it to your manga bucket. Since its release, MangaStream has uploaded new manga chapters and series, so you’ll get access to the oldest and the latest ones on this website. Another fantastic thing about MangaStream is that it covers multiple translations for series, a key benefit for those who want to read Manga in another language. However, the problem with translations is the subpar translations that are often unofficial scanlations, unlike those offered by publishers. Regardless, MangaStream, with its various features, is a one-stop shop for manga lovers who can browse and read their favorite comics in different languages.


12. WebToonWebToon

Are you looking for an entirely new experience in reading comics and manga? If yes, Webtoon is the ideal place. Webtoon is a true heaven for manga lovers, allowing users to search, write, and read manga on the website. With its extensive collection of manga from around the world, including countries like Korea, and Japan, the website has something for everyone; no one is left out of the fun! There is no shortage of genres on the website, and you can explore genres like romance, action, animation, family, etc. The website is managed by an expert team who creates all the templates. You can choose the templates you want to use for your stories and share them with others. Yet, one thing beginners find a little complicated is the interface which is a little hard to learn at first. But things get much easier once you start using it and get familiar with the Webtoon interface.


Final Words

Mangas are a great way to escape reality temporarily and indulge in the comic world to connect with exciting characters. Mangas have so much to teach us; strength, persistence, following your goals, and whatnot. It’s not surprising that most of us see these characters as inspirational!

It is a big disappointment that MangaOwl, the popular manga platform,l is no longer operational or working as it used to. We know the news disheartens most manga fans. But you don’t need to worry. What if MangaOwl doesn’t work? This doesn’t mean an end to reading mangas. Your favorite mangas are just a few clicks away. Above, we have prepared a comprehensive list, reviewing twelve of the best MangaOwl alternatives for you. So, let’s move towards the next step and stop crying over MangaOwl closing down. Scroll the unique manga websites above, and let us know what you think! If you have suggestions for other websites, you’re welcome to share them with us. We will add them to our blog. We’ll love to hear them.


What languages are Manga available in on MangaOwl?

MangaOwl streams manga in different languages. Besides English, you can access the latest Manga in various languages like French, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. But MangaOwl is shut down now, so try using the alternatives.

How can I signup for MangaOwl?

If you want to create your account on Mangaowl, you must share give an email address and create a password for the account. Once the account is created, you can easily read, write, and share Manga on the popular platform.

What benefits will I get for using MangaOwl?

Mangaowl is a fantastic platform for reading, writing, and sharing Manga with other manga lovers. It’s not just about reading Manga; the platform allows you to discuss your ideas with other fans.

Is MangaOwl Safe for reading manga?

When it comes to the safety of MangaOwl, the popular website for reading manga, we cannot be sure. The site although, has features that make it safer, like the user-rating feature and the anti-spam filter. The team of moderators also monitors the content on the site.

Is MangaOwl shut down right now?

As of now, MangaOwl has shut down and is not accessible. Yet, there are rumors that the website may be back with official materials for users. Still, there is not much we can say since no official notification has been given.

Is MangaOwl permanently shut down?

We’re not sure whether it’s shut down permanently or not. But currently, the site is temporarily closed, so you cannot access it to read the Manga. Feel free to use other alternative websites.

Why is MangaOwl Shut Down?

MangaOwl was a popular manga website loved by fans, but it closed down due to unlawful content, privacy concerns, and DMCA copyright website protocols. Don’t worry; you can still use other websites offering free reading mangas.

What’s the new domain name for MangaOwl?

Currently, there is officially no new domain name for MangaOwl. But users are encouraged to use other websites like MangaStream and MangaPanda, which offer more or less the same features and functionality.

Do the alternatives to MangaOwl charge a fee?

Most of the websites we’ve covered above for mange reading do not charge any fee, and you can access them for free. Yet, you may need to register on the website to use the services and read your favorite Manga. Some sites may charge a fee, but most of them are free.

Can I access Manga for free?

Well, yes. With many websites offering free access through registration, you can read your favorite Manga without paying a penny! Just register yourself and start reading.

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