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Top 10 Best Cargo Compnies In Dubai

The importance of cargo is increasing day by day with the advancement in e-commerce or online shopping. Due to this reason, most vendors are in search of the best cargo for their business. The selection of the best cargo is important for any small, medium, and large businessman to ensure the best service delivery.

This article will provide a helpful guideline, particularly for the people of Dubai who are involved in some business or online purchasing. In Dubai, there are more than 50 courier services in operation. They are all involved in delivering quality service with the shipping and mailing API combination.

Cargo Services in Dubai

Following are some of the comprehensive selection of the top ten best cargo service providers in Dubai:

  • Al-Futtaim
  • RAK logistics
  • Fetchr Courier Partner
  • MAC World Logistics LLC
  • FedEx
  • Consolidated Shipping
  • DHL
  • National Association of Freight and Logistics

Al-FuttaimAl-Futtaim Cargo Company

This leading united logistics company was established in 1980 in Dubai, UAE. This is one of the largest and most renowned companies that are operating in more than 150 countries. They have a large network that expands with the help of their partners in the logistics industry. They believe in quality service, which provides efficient supply chain solutions.

Storage And Operational Unit

The company has a large storage area of about one million square meters with functional units in all the major regions of the Gulf. Al-Futtaim is a registered company that tries its best to serve its customers by providing logistics solutions. They are working according to per instruction from legislatures and professional bodies. The company’s goal is to fulfill the customers’ needs and implement the management system by following its principles.

Jenae Logistics LLC

They offer a wide range of standard delivery services across Dubai. Jenae Logistics LLC is one of the foremost shipping companies with an outclass management service controlled by professional logistics and transport experts. They provide service by keeping in view the customer supply chain demand, such as sea cargo is managed with time and tariff. The company facilitates the customer with a transparent online tracking system.

How do They Work?

Their efficient organization and skilled staff reduce the delays in service and increase their productivity. They work by taking an interest and understanding the logistical needs of the client’s business. They have a vast network and their system dedication shows that the shipments of customers comply with the national, regional, and international regulations.

RAK LogisticsRAK logistics

The origin of this company is in Singapore, founded in 2013. The RAK logistics is functional in more than 45 countries. The pioneer of the logistics industry merged with the Samena capital, the private firm which made it top 10 delegations in Dubai. The RAK is connected with six different organizations from five different countries. The organization has a staff of five hundred trained logistics and entrepreneurs.

Location of Main Official Units

The company is striving to form wide storage and effective distribution unit that satisfies international and domestic customers. The RAK Logistics has extensive official units, in which main operational hubs are located in the US, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and ASEAN (South East Asian union).

Fetchr Courier PartnerFetchr Courier Partner

The global express service provider founded in December 2012 in Dubai provides its customers with a smartphone-based delivery system. The deliveries are managed by an e-commerce site using customer matches. This ultimate shipping solution and courier partners use artificial intelligence to improve their service further. The company covers all local orders across the border and provides pick-up and drop-off services.

Customer Service Support

The customer service program of Fetchr entertains the problems of clients with Nancy. Nancy is the professional assistant of Fetchr that serve the clients who place an order and provides them logistics solution.  The company brought a revolution to the logistics industry by a modification to traditional supply through the application of cloud technology and digital access.

MAC World LogisticsMAC World Logistics

This company serves all types of small and large, commercial and non-commercial businesses. It serves its clients from the Asia Pacific to the west by outclassing project management services related to the cargo, storage, warehouse development, distribution of parcels, and handling and packaging of logistics. The MAC is responsible for providing regional, local, and global solutions.

The Way MAC Logistics Work

The MAC aims to promote growth and smooth operations as a company that believes in growth and progress. They believe in transparency in the system. The world-class logistics service helps the customers in focusing on their business destinations. Their system provides real-time data with full transparency to the customers.

Fed-ExFed-Ex Different Services

This company is a partner of e-commerce, and it made a name in the global chain industry before reaching the UAE. The organization has involved a wide range of products such as customer support, product return support, inventory, bulk order, and more. This in-time service provider company works in more than 220 countries with 7000 PIN codes across India and also in most remote areas of the country.

Services Offered

They offer special service to heavy and large packages, dry ice, lithium batteries, and high-value shipments, shipping signature options, light packages, and TNT special service. They by their best service tailored the need of different time zones and business industries such as healthcare, aerospace, automotive, luxury, fashion, and other e-commerce businesses.

Consolidated Shipping

This is one of the well-known and fastest-growing logistic companies formed in 1995 and headquartered in Dubai. It has a staff of 750 professionals and offices are located in ideal locations in the Middle East. This company ranks as the top logistic company in Dubai, with an integrated network in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and America.

Partner of GCC Logistics

The Consolidated shipping service provides rapid service and has become a valued partner with GCCs logistics and transportation business. It has a team of talented salespeople that improves the efficiency of shipping and transportation. The company constantly updates the system by advancing its expertise and has become a valued partner of GCCs logistics.

DHLDHL Logistics Services

The renowned distribution company stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn and has been working for 50 years in the shipping industry. The origin of DHL is from Indian E-commerce and it serves 220 nations with 26000 PIN codes. The structure of this company warehouse is based on global, highly connected control. The company uses biodegradable and sustainable products and services.

The company provides its clients with freight, local freight, customs, and tax relief services. They use air, sea, road, and rail transportation for their service. They also facilitate their customers by providing access to the website, home delivery, and insurance. They also carry products that are sensitive to temperature.


This cargo company was established in 1992 in Dubai and served as a common platform in transport and logistics. The company NAFL is highly reputed as it is included in one of the 10 companies in Dubai. It helps multiple companies in Dubai by forming an association with other logistics in the Middle East. It spread its business up to 10 times more, from 24 to 350 members. Its primary focus is to secure the UAE’s position in international transport and logistics.


It is an officially active ISO-certified company that has been working since 1974. It has a well-established network with its representatives in the international market. It involves every mode of transportation and type of goods. The company’s work is evaluated with documentation on internal processes, internal and external audits, and reporting system. Check out more blog posts about tech business here.

This reputable company works best so that it can create value for its customers and brands. The freight involved different goods such as air freight transport perishable or hazardous cargo, oversized cargo, charter flights, aviation insurance, and LCL. Ocean freight service involves LCL, FCL, Cross Trade, BB (Break Bulk), LCL services, and so on.


It is obvious to us that Dubai, being the hub of business, supports many courier services. The above-mentioned cargo service with its specialties will help you in selecting the best service provider. The good cargo service not only involves merely the delivery but also facilitates their customers with different real-time track and trace tools.

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