Advantages of Using QR Codes in Marketing

Advantages of Using QR Codes in Marketing

QR codes have taken over the marketing landscape. Major brands are using QR codes to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing and provide a more immersive user experience.

Furthermore, QR code platforms like make it easy to create and manage QR code campaigns.

But why should you care about QR codes? Let’s look at the advantages of QR codes in marketing.

Bring an Offline Audience to Your Websiteoffline audience to your website

If most of your marketing and sales happen offline, you must be trying hard to drive traffic to your website. Though strategies like SEO and paid advertising could help you get a few visits, you won’t get substantial traffic because most of your audience is offline. You need to bring your offline audience to your website, and QR codes help you do that.

Create a URL QR code using a QR code generator such as QR Code Chimp, place it on your newspaper ads or billboards, and link it to your website or the product page. People can scan the code from their smartphones to reach your website and engage with your business.

Boost Your Social Media FollowingSocial Media Following

Have you ever wondered what differentiates brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Louis Vuitton from other companies that sell products? Community.

All the major brands have a large, highly-engaged social community. For instance, Nike has 213 million Instagram followers, and Starbucks and Louis Vuitton have 17.7 million and 47.7 million followers, respectively.

However, getting people to follow you on social media is challenging, especially if the audience is offline. What if there was a way to guide offline users to your social media profiles? QR codes can help.

You can put social media QR codes on your advertisements, billboards, product packaging, etc.People can scan the code to discover your social media profiles and follow you.

Share Your Contact DetailsContact Details

Service providers like consultants, lawyers, doctors, realtors, insurance agents, etc., need to share their contact details with potential clients. Business cards are commonly used for sharing contact information, but they have various drawbacks. For instance, they carry limited information, and the contact-saving process is lengthy and error-prone.

A QR Code business card resolves all these hurdles. You can print a vCard Plus QR code on your business card, redirecting users to your vCard Plus profile page. The profile page contains your contact details, social media links, web links, images, etc. Saving a contact is also easy, as people don’t need to manually enter the details. And finally, you can change the information on your vCard Plus page without reprinting the vCard Plus QR code.

Educate Your AudienceEducate Your Audience

Educating your audience helps build trust. With QR codes, you can share helpful information with your audience. For instance, you can put a PDF QR code on a product packaging and link it to a PDF containing in-depth product information. Similarly, you can use a Video QR code to share a tutorial video or an Image Gallery QR code to share images.

Wrap Up

Marketers need to be creative and find ways to keep their customers engaged. QR codes have various marketing applications, from promoting products to sharing contact details and social media profiles. If you want to use QR codes for marketing, start by choosing the right QR code generator.

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