Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022

Like every year, Sharjah brings loads of fun-filled and entertaining activities for its residents, one of which is the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022, a three-day event for bringing innovators and entrepreneurs under one roof. Here’s everything you need to know about this thrilling and purposeful event at Expo center Sharjah! 

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022

Sheraa, The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center plans to hold its annual Entrepreneurship Festival, SEF, from 16th to 18th December, a large-scale, three-day meeting to unite innovators and entrepreneurs to strengthen the city’s entrepreneurship system. The creative and artistic social event invites entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and innovators to join in and work together to improve Sharjah’s entrepreneurial hub!

Sheraa began with the SEF project in 2016 under Sheikha Bodour Bint Sultan Muhammad Al Qasimi. It has helped over 120 startups raise an investment of over $87 million, $130 million in the sales field, and generated over 1,300 jobs since it started. From the start, SEF has worked to assist companies in their tech startups and building.

SEF brings its 5th edition, one of the most significant events in Sharjah, with the slogan #WhereStarsCollide. The colossal event plans to bring influential entrepreneurs, young creatives, and industry titans from around the globe. With over 4,000 founders and entrepreneurs joining the event, they will share their experiences to motivate the audience and leave behind a positive impact.

Sponsors and Partners

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022 brings some of the most popular and prominent partners and sponsors to lighten the event.

ARADA – Capital PartnerARADA - Capital Partner

ARADA is one of the highly-esteemed real estate development companies in Sharjah. The company is dedicated to building beautiful communities to engage the city’s residents.

SHAMS – Contributing Partner SHAMS - Contributing Partner

Sharjah Media City, Shams started in 2017, serving as a company to promote media and creative businesses to thrive and grow in the city. With its world-class services, Shams covers all businesses and helps them through their entrepreneurial path.

Emirates Development Bank (EDB) – Contributing PartnerEmirates Development Bank (EDB)

Emirates Development Bank, EDB, is a major driving force in supporting growth and development in the UAE. The company helps residents and nationals to create and maintain their businesses in different sectors.

Sharjah Business Women Council – Contributing PartnerSharjah Business Women Council

Starting in 2002, the Sharjah Business Women’s Council is a dedicated company aiming to bring women entrepreneurs into the sector of the global economy to improve the state’s economic output and social development.

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority – Contributing Partner

The SCTDA aims to flourish Sharjah and bring it to light as an excellent destination by highlighting the state’s tourism industry and showing its contribution to the nation’s socio-economic sector.

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park – Venue Partner Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

Starting in 2016, under the order of Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasami, the Sharjah research technology, and innovation park is a free zone area aiming to encourage development and research activities in the emirate.


The thrilling event is loaded with engaging and fun-filled activities and events to keep the audience engaged while ensuring the event’s purpose is met.


The event hosts multiple community workshops to engage you in a creative, open atmosphere, with the opportunity to explore other opinions and views. The audience is given a chance to share and explore new opportunities and perspectives.

Meet and Greet

The event’s meet and greets let you get up close and personal with some of the most popular and legendary personalities. Some eminent personalities you will get to meet our Mr. Lewis Howes, Mr. Oman Nour, Mr. Ali Tabrizi, Mr. Omar Samra, Mr. Anas Bukhash, and many more.


Get the chance to experience thrill and positivity with musical and dance performances from famous local artists. Moreover, these performances will also give you a taste of Sharjah’s diverse culture and talent!


Explore the best culinary choices in Sharjah and enjoy the delightful smell and tastes of the authentic local dining places in the emirate. The culinary experience is not one you want to miss!


You can also explore today’s trends and experiences at Sharjah’s entrepreneur festival activations.

How to Register for the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022

If you plan on attending the fun-filled entrepreneurship event, you can get yourself registered through the event’s official site. Here are the simple steps you need to follow!

  1. Open the official site of the event;
  2.  From the top-right end, click on the three-line icon.
  3. Scroll to the end and click “Register Your Interest.”
  4. On the next page, enter all the required details, including your name, residence country, nationality, email, phone number, age group, gender, date, etc.
  5. Once you’ve filled in all the details, click on submit!

Benefits of the Event

The Sharjah Enterprennership Festival is a perfect event to change and bring a revolution in the emirate’s entrepreneurship sector. It provides institutions and enterprising individuals the opportunity to engage in a natural entrepreneurial environment and learn from the experience of famous entrepreneurs and personalities. The speakers share their experiences with the audience, motivating them to work towards their goals! The festival focuses on inspiring the young generation and community members to bring positive changes in the emirate to grow and develop its entrepreneurial sector. We encourage you to attend this fantastic event to start your entrepreneurial journey!


Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival brings affordable tickets for students and the general public so they can enjoy the event to its fullest! For students, the ticket price is 80.0 AED, while the regular ticket costs 200 AED. Get your tickets today!

The Verdict

Sharjah Entrepreneurship festival is a splendid opportunity to encourage entrepreneurs from the very basics of their journey toward developing better cultural attitudes. If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey in Sharjah, there can be no better opportunity! Stay updated with the details of the event through their sites. The website will give further updates about the events, companies, and schedule; everything else shortly. Make sure you attend the event; also, invite your friends and family to join in the journey!

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