Du Sim Card Registration Renewal

How to Do DU sim Card Registration Renewal Online

Technology has been making people’s lives easier for some time now. Booking airplane tickets, applying for visas, and vaccination cards, and getting many other things online. Technology has been keeping man away from the daily hustle, each day introducing something that can save time and money. The new advancement includes du sim registration online. Now, one doesn’t need to be standing in lines for hours, waiting for their turn and going through the long and hectic process of getting their sim registered.

What is DU Sim Registration?

DU sim registration means getting your Emirates ID registered. For being able to use and register a mobile phone no in UAE, one needs to submit proof of their Emirates ID and needs for their ID to be checked if it is valid or not. Getting the Emirates ID renewed is a compulsory process and is part of the ID registration campaign of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

How to do DU Sim Card Registration Online?Renew SIM Card Registration

Whether one wants to register the DU sim card or want to renew their Emirates ID, all can be done online easily by visiting DU Registration and following the following easy steps,

  • Visit the official website DU Registration
  • Enter the du number, and make sure it’s valid
  • Scan your Emirates ID
  • Upload the scanned copy on the website

Another advancement is the development of their application named du App. One can use their website or simply download the application and enter the valid information and get their id registered or updated.

Are these websites and apps or the online way of registration safe enough to enter one’s information?Du Sim Card Registration Renewal Online

The initiative of making registration online through website and mobile development was done by the UAE government. When such initiatives are taken, the websites and applications are made secure. One can know that the website is protected by the SSL security certificate by noticing the lock behind the website’s URL, and the website for getting DU registered is protected by the SSL certificate. Similarly, the mobile application is protected and verified as well.


It was time to jump on the online bandwagon and use the newly launched online system for registering or updating one’s Emirates ID. The aim for introducing this method and shifting the registering process online is to save the customers time and effort, this easy-to-use online option allows one to register their renewed Emirates ID in just three easy steps and also provides the option of accessing the online Internet facility either through the website or by using the mobile application. After the introduction of the online facility, the customers and the citizens of the UAE are saved from standing in long lines for hours and waiting for their turn.


Is the du sim card registration online safe?

As explained earlier, the du sim card registration is protected whether it is the website or the application.

Is online registration different from physical one?

Yes, it is different in a way that it adds convenience to users and saves them from standing in line and bearing all that hustle.

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