6 Easy Fixes For The “ERR_CACHE_MISS” Error in Chrome

Browsers are widely used all over the world. If people want to know something, they don’t look into an encyclopedia, and they google it. That’s right; even the terminologies have been updated with the advancement of technology. There are different browsers like safari, firefox, opera, etc., but Chrome is the most widely used browser. It has become the most commonly used browser whether you are at a workplace or a student getting help for their assignments or searching for something for your research. It is something you can always rely on. Meanwhile, it is the safest and most dependable browser, but it’s not perfect chrome has its flaws. A frequent user of this software has reported some errors. One of these errors will be discussed in this article. The error “err_cache_miss” is under discussion in this article, and here we will inform you with six easy ways you can fix this error on your own. But first, let’s see why this error might occur.


There can be any undefined reason that this error occurs when you are using the browser. Nonetheless, with time, technicians have come to understand some of the most common causes of this error. These reasons are listed below,

  • There’s a problem in fetching the required data from the cache, or the cookies didn’t store the data correctly.
  • Your chrome may have extensions that, for the moment, are not working properly or are broken.
  • The website the user is trying to access might be broken or not available anymore.
  • The last one is that if you are a developer trying to run your code, the error might occur because there’s a fault in your code.

Now, moving on to the solutions for this error.

6 Easy Fixes For The “ERR_CACHE_MISS” Error in Chrome

Reload The WebsiteReload the website

When working on the internet, you can never fully trust your Wi-Fi connection. There’s always a chance for a network connection issue to occur. There’s a high chance for your device to have internet connectivity issues which can lead to the “err_cache_miss” error. A simple solution to this problem is to reload your webpage. Reloading your webpage and trying again is the most common solution to several errors occurring on the internet because most of the time, these errors occur due to weak WIFI signals, which can be easily solved by reloading your webpage. If you are facing this error because of the cache or cookie, reloading the webpage can also solve that. If the problem isn’t solved by reloading once, give it two more tries, and if the same error occurs, one must move on to the next solution.

Restart the BrowserRestart the Browser

As explained above, restarting can resolve several issues. To understand, what the issue might be, first one needs to have a basic understanding of how these things work. A browser is a software developed for users to use the internet and browse web pages and different things. This means that on a daily basis there’s a lot of data handling occurring on a browser since almost everyone on earth uses the internet daily. Therefore, due to the overload, a cache or cookie can make a mistake and not be able to fetch your data, and this results in an “err_cache_miss” error. If reloading the webpage doesn’t resolve the issue, then to move on step forward try restarting your browser. Close your browser and start it again to give it a fresh start and a chance to reload all the data again.

Update your BrowserUpdate your Browsers

Another possible and easy solution to the error “Err_cache_miss” is updating your browser. The browser being outdated might be the reason for the cookie and cache issue to occur which leads to the “err_cache_miss” error. It would be a good move to check if your browser, that is, chrome, is updated or not. It is very simple to check if chrome requires an update. Follow the following instructions,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click the About Chrome option
  • If there’s an update option, click it.

If there’s no update option, it means your chrome is already up-to-date and this solution won’t work for you.

Clear Cookies and Browsing DataClear Cookies and Browsing Data

If none of the above works, it means there is no connection issue. The issue is with data abundance, which means you would need to clear cookies and cache from your browser. It’s an easy process. Just follow the following steps.

  • Open the browser
  • Click the menu (the three dots in the top right corner)
  • Click “Settings”
  • On the setting page, click “Privacy and Security.”
  • Search for the option of “Clear browsing data” and click it.
  • A pop-up screen will appear. Go to the advanced section.
  • In the time drop-down range list, select “All time.”
  • Unselect the first two options of “Browsing history” and “Download history.”
  • Select the 3rd and 4th options (Cookies and Caches)
  • Check “Clear Data”

Command PromptCommand Prompt

If none of the above methods are working, it is time for us to improve the game. The next solution is to work through your command prompt. Follow the following steps,

  • Open Command Prompt (by searching on the search bar)
  • Run the following commands on the command prompt,

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip setnds

netsh winsock reset



Uninstall the Browser

The final effort in removing the error is to remove the browser. If you have tried everything but had no success. This may be because of some fault in your browser. An easy way out of this is to uninstall your chrome and download the application again. For uninstalling Chrome, make sure to delete it from the control panel and, along with it delete all LocalAppData folders. Restart your PC and install Chrome again.


The error “Err_cache_miss” can make one frightened of a virus in their browser. But it’s nothing like that. It can be a simple network issue or data overload on your browser. All these issues can be resolved simply by following the above solution without expert help.

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