How to Install Kodi on PS3,PS4,PS5
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How to Install Kodi on PS3/PS4/PS5? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming devices in today’s gaming world. Taking a start almost 26 years back, PlayStation has developed to a great extent, bringing new features to increase useability. If you’re also a gamer who likes listening to music and watching movies, we’re here to teach you how to install Kodi on PS3/4/5. Before installing Kodi, let’s learn a little about its features.

Kodi: What it is and Its Features

what is kodi

Kodi is an open-source, multiplatform media player which works with multiple videos and music collections like Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery Plus, YouTube, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, Paramount Plus, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. So, Kodi is a platform where you can use all these services in one place, yet you’ll need to subscribe to the premium benefits. It works on devices like Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.

But does Kodi works on PlayStation?

Sadly, Kodi does not work on PS3/4/5, but there is still a hack you can use to install it on your device. Here are some of the exciting features Kodi supports.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Live TV Support
  • 4K Support
  • Movie, Music, and TV Show support

Is There an Alternative to Kodi on ps3/4/5?

kodi alternative

Currently, Kodi is unavailable on PlayStation, so we’ll have to look for other alternatives. Don’t keep your hopes too high to install Kodi on a gaming console, but we bring you an alternative; Plex. Plex works like the Kodi app, with its interface where you can organize media collections, use live TV, and record for later watching.

Yet, without addon support like Kodi addons, the app isn’t as great, yet enough to offer a good entertainment experience. While a free version of Plex is available, you can get the premium version through payment to unlock advanced features.

How to Install Plex on PS3 and PS4?

Since Kodi isn’t available for PlayStation yet, we’ll teach you how to install its alternative; Plex, so you can enjoy more or less the same experience and features. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Turn on your PlayStation device and go to Store.

2. Next, open the “search” section and type “Plex” here. Then press the search button.

3. You’ll see the Plex app here. Click on the download button below the app icon to begin downloading.

plex downloading

4. Within a few minutes, the download should be complete. The app will automatically install on your device. Press the “Start” button.

5. Now sign in to your Plex account. You’ll need to sign up first if you don’t have one. Click sign up from the top-right end of the screen. plex Account sign up6. Next, select your preferred account. You can easily set up your account through Google, Facebook, or another email account.

Chose Account

7. Once your account is set, launch the Plex server app on your PS3/4/5.

8. Next, click the “Sign in” option from the lower left end of the screen.

9. You’ll see a 4-digit pin on the screen. Let this code remain on your PlayStation screen.


10. Open the Plex app on your device server now. It will now open the browser and automatically turn on your Plex account. Sign in with your registered account again.

11. Once you’re logged into your account, type in the address bar and press enter.

12. You’ll now be asked to enter your 4-digit code that earlier appeared on your PlayStation screen. Enter this code and click the button “Link”.

Account link

13. Once you’ve entered that, your PlayStation screen will reload and get the data from your connected device.

14. Through your device, you can now play any video on your PS3/4/5.

Now enjoy all your favorite media collections!

The Verdict

For now, we do not have an answer to how to stream Kodi to PlayStation because it isn’t possible. Yet, we have done our best to guide you through the steps to use a similar media player till the original one becomes available for PlayStation. We hope, however, that the developers think about bringing Kodi on PS5 and other PlayStation versions very soon, but our fingers are crossed! For now, let’s just stick with Plex and enjoy the fantastic features while they last!

We hope our guide helped you find a good alternative for Kodi for now, at least until the original application becomes available for PlayStation. But if you have any other options in mind, don’t forget to tell us! We’d love to hear from you.

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