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How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?

As humans have become more socially connected, social media has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Many people earn through this platform for which they need followers, likes, and shares on their Instagram posts. Many influencers are interested to know about the interactions happening on their page or many small or big business owners want to know which of their products is shared the most and is gaining more popularity. Whether one is an influencer, running a business on Instagram, one just has a public profile and wants to know his or her engagement with their followers. They need not worry as this article has got them covered.

What Benefit Does it Provide to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?who share

If one is an influencer or an entertainer on Instagram, by seeing who shared their Instagram post, one can know which targeted audience is most entertained through their content. They can also see the difference between the kind of content liked by different users. The ability to be aware of what kind of content is approaching and is also more likable or acceptable to which kind of audience provides the influencer with a decent opportunity to grow his content and himself as well. Similarly, suppose one is running a business on Instagram. In that case, they can know which post was shared by which particular account and how many times through which they can have their marketing campaign targeted to that particular type of user. For example, the ad can be more appealing to either the new generation or the millennials. These concepts can be implemented when one knows which of their product is successful in attracting what kind of clients.

What Condition Needs to be Metinstagram terms

There is one condition that needs to be fulfilled for one to be able to see which account shared their post. Instagram provides this in-built feature but only to business accounts. If one has a public account or a private one, they can’t access this feature, they would need to convert their account into a business one first and then follow the next steps to see who shared their post.

Steps to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post on Their Storystory share

The first thing one needs to consider is that they’ll only be able to see who shared their post or reel for the first 24 hours only. As the story also stays for just 24 hours, thus the user can also get the account information for those 24 hours only. If the profile is a business account, then all the user needs to do is follow the following steps and enjoy Instagram’s in-built feature to be aware of which accounts shared their post. The steps are given below,

1. Make sure the account is a business account.

2. Open the post whose shares one wants to see.

3. Click on the three dots present in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Click on the option saying “View Story Reshares” (Note: this option only appears if your post is being shared on at least one person’s story currently)

5. You will be navigated to the “Current Public Reshares” page where one can access and see all the accounts that have currently shared the post on their story.

Instagram is very concerned about its user security, if a private account shares the post, then you won’t be able to see or access that account.

Steps to See How Many Shares an Instagram Post Has

Knowing the total number of shares on an Instagram post is far easier and simple than knowing which accounts shared that Instagram post. First of all, make sure that the account is a business account and follow the following steps,

1. Visit the post on the business account

2. Click on “View Insights”post view

3. You will be navigated to the next screen, find the paper arrow sign over thereThe number written

4. beneath that sign shows the number of shares of that post.reel insight

5. This number just doesn’t show the story shares but the total number of times the post has been shared no matter if it’s shared on someone’s story or shared to another user’s dm.

6. Since all these features can be accessed when the account is a business account. The question often arises about how to shift to a business account. This article helps you in this regard as well.

Switch Your Normal Account to a Business One

Follow the following steps to convert your already existing normal account into a business one.

1. Go to your profile

2. Tap the burger icon (the three lines) in the top right of the screen

three lines

3. Click on the settings icon

4. Click on “Account”

5. Click on the option “switch to professional account”

6. Click on Next or continue whichever option appears

7. Select the business category

8. Click Done

Thus, in these small steps, the normal account has been converted into the professional one through which you can easily avail the post insights.

What are Some Restrictions Involved With This Inbuilt Feature of Instagram?Instagram Rules

The first and most discussed restriction is that Instagram only allows this feature for a business account. Secondly, one can’t see which accounts shared the post as a direct message, the person can only see if his or her post has been shared as a story by which account, and that too only for 24 hours as a story only stays for 24 hours on a person’s account. Moreover, one can’t access the profile that has shared their post if that account is private. Instagram takes privacy and security policy very seriously, as it doesn’t allow one user to get access to the other that has a private account.


A profile’s engagement with other users especially if that person’s goal is to expand its network and have more followers can prove to be of great help. An influencer can be aware of his posts shared and at what time the number of shares is more than the others so he can know about his followers’ traffic. All these features provide a great opportunity for the account to grow on Instagram and prepare better content every day.

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