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Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing (Best Fixes)

Who doesn’t like a little beat in life? You guessed it right; music! Spotify is one of the best music-streaming platforms where you can listen to your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want. Yet, if your Spotify stops repeatedly without any warning, it can get frustrating.

While you can switch to another platform, you will need to compromise on your customized playlists. If you understand the causes behind the issue, you may be able to resolve it in time. Let’s take you through the causes of Spotify pausing randomly!

Spotify Keep Pausing on PC: The CausesSpotify keep pausing

There can be several factors causing your Spotify to stop or pause. Here are some of the potential causes to look out for.

  1. Your Spotify cache files are corrupted.
  2. You’re using Spotify in low-power mode.
  3. Someone else may be using your account.
  4. Your internet connection isn’t stable.
  5. Your Bluetooth connection is unstable.
  6. Your ads may be playing if you have the free version.
  7. Spotify faces server crashes or bugs.
  8. The settings of your Spotify account are disturbed.
  9. You’re using an outdated Spotify version.

How to Resolve the Issue of Spotify keeps on pausing on iPhone

If you face the Spotify pausing or stopping problem, the above factors may be the cause. Here are a few quick fixes to resolve to try out.

1. Switch of Data Saver ModeSwitch of Data Saver Mode

You can use Wi-Fi or cellular data when you use Spotify on your mobile; you can use Wi-Fi or cellular data. If you’re using data, turning on the data saver may be causing this issue. You can safely turn off this feature on Android and Apple devices by opening Spotify app. Toggle to the off position. This, however, won’t work for low cellular coverage areas.

2. Turn Off your Power Saving ModeSwitch of Power Saver Mode

Sometimes, you may use the battery-saver mode on your device, which might pause your music. To turn this off, search for the battery option. While this option is great for saving battery, it can stop or pause your Spotify music.

3. Restart the Device Power off penal of android

When too many applications are running in the background, Spotify may stop randomly. This causes an overload of your processing capabilities, and restarting your device will reduce the load on your system. Once your device restarts, log into your account again. We hope this resolves the issue.

4. Sign Out from Spotify on Other DevicesSign out the spotify account

Sometimes, signing out from other devices where you’ve logged in to your Spotify account can also resolve the issue. Sometimes, the app might read the information from all the signed-in devices, causing the problem. Hence, this method should help.

5. Re-install Latest Version Update spotify app

Sometimes, your Spotify may stop in between because of outdated or corrupted files. In such a case, reinstalling the latest version of the app may help resolve the problem.

6. Log into Your Account Again Login penal spotify

Another way to fix the issue is to try logging out of your account and logging in again. Sometimes, something as small as this can resolve the issue.

The Verdict

Spotify is a fantastic music streaming platform where you can endlessly listen to your favorite songs. Yet, the random Spotify pausing and stopping issue can ruin the experience. Above, we’ve covered the causes and ways to resolve the issue. you can read more solutions of different problems here. We hope this resolves the issue. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any suggestions!

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