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Spotify V.s SoundCloud: 10 Differences

If you are a music lover then, you must have familiar with the name of Spotify and SoundCloud. These two platforms have a huge fan following and are famous all around the world. The efficiency and services of both Spotify and SoundCloud are mind-blowing.

But, when you have to choose between one either Spotify or SoundCloud. At that time, you must know about their differences to choose the most suitable medium. It is an arduous task to announce whether Spotify is excellent or SoundCloud. This is because each of the above-mentioned platforms offers diverse experiences along with the different streaming platforms.

Instead of this, a head-to-head comparison will assist you in making a perfect decision for your music choice and preferences. Let’s discuss the differences between Spotify VS. SoundCloud, after their brief introduction.


Sound cloud logo

It is an assisting audio platform, which will help the musicians and artists to keep up with their tracks and music. It offers more than 190 million tracks. By signing up on SoundCloud, you can enjoy a diverse variety of songs without paying even a penny.


Spotify Logo

This platform has been launched in 2008. It allows you to enjoy a diverse variety of songs along with free consumption of podcasts. Further, its streaming activity is licensed and legal. So, no need to get worried about it. Not only this, but it has also a premium and free version.

Differences Spotify V.s SoundClouddifferences between Soundcloud vs spotify


1. Free Version

In the case of Spotify, numerous ads pop during songs that the person got irritated. And compel the listener to hit the shuffle button to enjoy songs without any interruption.

In the free version of SoundCloud, you have the access to a variety of songs.  Music ranges from indie classics to hip-hop; every variety is available for music lovers. The one demerit is that the free version does not allow people to download the songs.

2. Paid Version

The standard price for the paid version of Spotify is $9.99/month. This version allows people to enjoy the transformative form of music with higher quality. By dint of it, no ads and unlimited download option. It also allows the individual to early access the new albums. And the early access feature is the most interesting one.

The standard price for the two subscription plans of SoundCloud is SoundCloud Go ($4.99/month) and SoundCloud Go+ ($9.99/month). These versions will provide access to a plethora of tracks, ad-free streaming, and offline listening.

3. Consumer-friendly

Spotify is considered to be more consumer-friendly and easy to use. It is equipped with a smooth interface along with fantastic design both on desktop and mobile.

SoundCloud is also an easy-to-use platform. But its navigation system is a bit complicated especially for naïve.

4. Music Library

The music library of Spotify is about 50 million songs. Most of the Spotify plays are of high quality. You can even buy Spotify plays cheap from these reliable sources and trustworthy providers.

Whereas, SoundCloud offers more than 125 million songs; the majority is of low quality.

5. Uploading Process

The sound uploading process is plain sailing in SoundCloud. But, for Spotify users song uploading is a hard nut to crack.

6. Algorithms

The algorithms of Spotify are more intelligent. As within no time, it comprehends the individual taste. SoundClouds’ algorithm is not that much complicated as it offers songs of your choice.

7. Versatility

In Spotify, you have a download limit of songs to 70 thousand. Whereas, SoundCloud offers downloading of songs at premium version.

8. Sharing Ability

Spotify has more rigorous sharing policies than SoundCloud. Further, SoundCloud does not offer any family/shared plan.

9. Quality

In all aspects, the quality of Spotify (96 kpbs air quality) is mind-blowing compared to SoundCloud (64 kpbs).

10. Potential of Platform

The platform potential of Spotify is more superb, as SoundCloud is still updating, in terms of sound quality.


In a nutshell, choose the platform which suits you.

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