How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side

How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side on IOS & Android

We’re sure you’ve been in a situation where you felt like combing the two together. Sometimes, you want to compare two images, like your early childhood picture, with your latest one to see the transformation. Or, at other times, you want to create a collage. Setting photos side by side is a great idea but not always the easiest.

While most iPhones and Android phones click amazing pictures, it isn’t always as easy to edit and arrange them. Sadly, most phones do not allow you to put two photos side by side with the device gallery, so you’ll need to search for alternative ways. If you’re here to learn about how to put two pictures together on Android and iOS, we’re here to help you with our comprehensive guide. We don’t want you to wait any longer!

How to Put Two Photos Together on AndroidHow to Put Two Photos Together on Android

On an Android device, you can easily set two photos side by side using different methods. The good part is that you have multiple online tools available that you can download from the store to make a picture collage.

1. With Google Photos

If you have an Android phone, you can conveniently use Google photos to open two photos together and set them side by side. If you use this method, you wouldn’t need a third-party app. Follow these steps.

  • On your Android device, go to Google Photos.
  • Tap on any picture and hold it to bring up the selection option. Select two photos by tapping on them.

    Select the photos

  • To go to Google Photos Editor, tap the sign “+” at the screen’s top.

  • Now, from the opened menu, tap on “collage.”Tap on Collage

  • The photos you selected will appear side by side on the next screen, merged as one.Google-Photos-Collage-Edit
  • Once that’s done, you can add a filter, crop it, add emojis, or write text by tapping on the “edit button” below. Sadly, you cannot customize the style and size of the picture borders. Google Photos Collage Generate

2. Use Collage Maker – Photo Collage and Photo Editor

Alternatively, you can use a third-party app, like the famous collage maker for Android devices, “Collage Maker” It is available on Google Play Store, and you can use it to put two photos side by side. Here is how you can use the tool.

  • On your Android device, open Google Play Store and search for the “Collage Maker” app. Click on “Install.”install collage app
  • Once installed, open the app. Tap on the button “Grid”.make collage
  • Now, select the two photos from your phone that you want to put side by side and tap on “Next”.
  • Your images will be merged into one and placed side by side. Now, you can adjust the text and borders and add more edits to your photo. Click the save button once you’re done.

3. Using Canva

Canva is another side-by-side photo app available on Google Play Store that you can use to place two pictures side by side on an Android device. Here’s how you can make a collage.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the Canva app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the “+” button at the page end to start a new document.tap onplus button
  • From the sizes, you can select any one you like. But the “Instagram post” size is usually a better option since it offers a big template. You will now see the template gallery.istagram post size
  • In the search bar, look for the “Comparison” option and select the template of your choice. The best thing about the Canva app is that you have many template options to set pictures side by side.
  • Now, tap on the first picture on this template and select “Replace” from the page end.tap on replace
  • Navigate to your phone gallery and select a photo. Follow the same steps for the second picture.
  • You can change the template text by tapping the “edit” option.tap onedit
  • Set the picture as you like and once you’re satisfied, save the image by tapping the “downward arrow” at the top end of the screen.tap download arrow

4. With the Instagram App

If you use Instagram, you can easily set two pictures side by side through Instagram, much like using any third-party app. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open Instagram on your Android device.
  • Tap the “+ (add)” icon at the screen’s top. Choose the option “Story.”
  • If your screen “Viewfinder” doesn’t open, tap “Camera”.viewfinder
  • Tap the “Layout” icon on the viewfinder screen to turn on the collage mode.tap layout icon
  • A four-photo layout will be selected as the default. You’ll see an icon below the icon “layout.” Tap on it to view all layouts and select the two-photo layout.tap on view all
  • You can select photos from your gallery or capture new ones and add them to the collage one by one.
  • Once done, tap the “Tick” at the bottom end to finalize the collage.tap the tick
  • Tap the “arrow down” icon to download the picture to your device. Or you can share it on your Instagram.tap on down arrow

5. Use Samsung Gallery

Samsung users can also set two photos side by side using the Gallery app. Follow the steps covered below.

  • Open Samsung Gallery on your phone.
  • Press the three-dot icon at the screen’s top end.
  • Select the option “Create.”tap the create
  • Alternatively, you can choose two photos you want to put alongside first and tap the three-dot icon to select “create.”
  • Now, choose the option “Collage.” If you didn’t specify the pictures yet, choose the ones you want to merge.chose the option collage
  • Once selected, tap the “Collage” button.
  • The Samsung Gallery app lets you set the size, color, and border style.
  • Once your collage is ready, tap on the “save” button to download the picture to your device.tap save button

How to Put Two pictures Together on iPhone

If you want to set two photos side by side on iPhone, you have three different ways to do so. We’ve covered these methods in detail below.

1. Use Siri Shortcuts App

While iPhone Photos doesn’t support the option to combine photos, you can always use the built-in Shortcuts app to do so. But you need to have iOS 12 to use the feature. Follow the steps below.

  • On your iPhone, open “Shortcuts and tap the icon “+” while you’re here.
  • Find “Select Photos” after choosing “Add Action”.
  • Now tap “Select Photos” and turn on the “Select Multiple” slider.
  • Find “Combine Images” from the bottom search bar.
  • See if you find the option “Horizontally.” If not, tap the word that appears and choose “Horizontally.”
  • Now find and tap on “Save to Photo Album”.
  • Name your shortcut with the top box.
  • Press the blue toggle at the screen’s top right end and choose “Add to Home Screen” and tap “Add”. You will now be directed to the device’s home screen.
  • Now, from shortcuts tap on “Done”. Press “X” to save the changes and exit.
  • You can easily combine images on your iPhone from the Home Screen now. Open Shortcuts, select your images and tap “Add” to merge them. Once merged, you can find them in the Photos app.

2. With Photo Editing Tools

iPhone Store has many side-by-side picture apps and tools that you can use to put two photos together. If the method above doesn’t suit you, try using photo editing tools like Cut Paste Photos Pro, PhotoGrid, and Layout. You can combine your photos into a collage and save them to your device’s gallery.

3. Using Instagram

Much like with an Android device, you can also make collages and put two photos side by side on iPhone using the Instagram app. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Open Instagram on your iPhone device and go to the section “Stories”. You’ll find this on the left end of the homepage.
  • Go to your iPhone gallery and select one of the photos to combine.
  • Shrink it with the pinch gesture. Place it at the left end of the story canvas.
  • Open the Photos app and select another photo.
  • Hold it and tap copy to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Go back to the Instagram story and select “Add Sticker”.
  • Select the second picture and resize it as you need.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a challenging task when you first want to merge two photos or put them together. Yet, with the modern features iOS and Android offer, the job isn’t too hard. While the method to put two pictures together on Android and iOS vary, we’ve covered both in detail and hope they help you get what you need! If there’s anything, you want to add or if we’ve missed anything, feel free to reach out to us!


Do I have to pay to use the app to combine photos? 

Most editor apps you’ll find for Android and iOS devices are free. Unless you want to access the additional features, you won’t need to pay to use the tool. The premium versions of the tool vary from one app to the next.

Can I put two pictures together on Android without using Google Photos or any similar app?

Whether you can or cannot depends on which phone you use. Some mobile companies support the in-built feature of using the phone’s gallery to put two photos side by side. This, however, isn’t true for all. So, if your phone supports the option, you can place two photos side by side from the gallery.

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