Keep Your Pets Cool in Summers in UAE

How to Keep Your Pets Cool During Summers in UAE

Summer surely is the season when Dubai’s high temperature often exceeds 50 degrees and frequently seems far hotter. In light of this, consider Dubai’s pets who, in contrast to you and I, have a tougher difficulty staying cool because they don’t sweat to release heat. They become more vulnerable to heatstroke and dehydration, both of which can be fatal if untreated. Whether one had pets before or is just getting started, this article entails a helpful list of advice to help one keep his or her furry pals cool over the summer and what to do if they become overheated.

Useful Tips

After studying a few summers in the UAE, this article brings a list of methods for keeping cool, like going to air-conditioned theatres and shopping centers or going for an evening swim at the neighborhood pool. But if you have a dog in the family, you must know how to keep them cool and provide them goodies in the summer. Some tips for keeping our furry friends cool are mentioned below,

depart the house at daybreak and at sunsetdepart the house at daybreak and at sunset

Take short bathroom breaks throughout the day and only go for walks before and after dusk. Use doggie boots for larger dogs because the sidewalks and roads will be scorching hot, and carry smaller dogs to a shady spot for noon urination. They spend less time in the heat as a result of this. To avoid wearing out your pet, you should also think about cutting the stroll short and slowing down your speed. It’s wonderful if you have a garden with areas of real grass or sand. Please keep in mind that fake grass can become very hot when exposed to the sun. Your dog shouldn’t place their feet on the ground when one can’t even maintain his or her hand’s palm there.

Indoor activitiesIndoor activities

If at all possible, keep pets inside at all times. If you can’t prevent it, try to keep them indoors between noon and four in the afternoon when the sun is at its brightest. Extreme heat makes it particularly tough for small animals like rabbits and birds as well as short-nosed canines like pugs and bulldogs. For this purpose, plan some indoor activities for the pet, something he can enjoy in daytime and not make a hassle about going out on a walk or to play. One recommendation would be to buy toys for your pet to play with inside the house.

Check for overheatingCheck for overheating

Always be on the lookout for any kind of overheating symptoms in your pet. These symptoms can include panting heavily, bloodshot eyes, increased drooling, lightheadedness, and trouble breathing. Apply an ice pack or a moist towel to your pet’s head and neck if it has any of these symptoms, and take them right away to the veterinarian, ideally in an air-conditioned car. Do keep a close eye on your dogs, especially the older and snub-nosed breeds, since they are more susceptible to heat stroke from even light exertion in these temps.

Keep the pet hydrated:
Ensure that your pet has access to plenty of water.

When cooled, it is a far better approach. To keep the water dish cooler for longer, put an ice pack under it. Keep numerous water bowls about the house, and take extra with you on your morning and evening walks. For dull days inside, give them frozen delights like marrow bones.

Parked CarsParked Cars

Never leave a pet alone in a parked vehicle. This rule applies to all seasons, not just summer, but it is especially crucial in hot weather. Even in the shade, cars retain more heat than an open area and might cause your pet to quickly become dehydrated.

Helpful AccessoriesHelpful Accessories

For cats and dogs to walk on hot surfaces like cement and asphalt, pet stores sell special boots. A more effective option for cooling your dogs than conventional portable air conditioners is to get an evaporative cooler. There are also cooling collars and vests that can be worn while walking. If you let your dog out in the garden at night or in the early morning, cooling mats are a great option. Just make sure to keep an eye on them.

Another accessory pet owners can use is the cooling mat. If your pet loves to go to parks and is very outdoorsy, then a cooling mat is a must-have as it will allow him to play outside, enjoy his time in the park, and even be useful if he just wants to sit outside.

One of the best cooling mats that are of top-notch quality and available at reasonable pricing can be brought from

Cooleager mats are high quality, and they come with built-in air conditioners that keep the mat cool. It can be turned on and off. It’s easy to carry, just like a yoga mat. Moreover, it’s quite simple to use and battery-powered as well, so no pet owners would have to worry about finding a switch to keep their pets cool.

Summer in UAE can be so harsh that it becomes difficult for pets to even sit outside on the porch, let alone go for a walk or to play in parks. In such cases, the cooling mat comes pretty hand, and that too the cooling mat of the best quality available to ensure there are no incidents.
With a cooling mat, you can just turn it on, put outside on the porch or take it to the park, and let your pet sit on it and enjoy his cool, peaceful, serene, and fun time.

The one thing pet owners are concerned about while buying such accessories is whether the electric wiring is safe enough for their pets. Well, when buying from codeeager, pet owners need not worry about quality, their pets getting harmed, or the device exploding on them due to excessive use or bad wiring.


The importance of the safety of one’s pet is immeasurable. Especially in hot atmospheres, they require extra care and attention. It’s not just humans who can be the victim of overheating. Animals are at risk as well and thus require their humans to do everything possible to keep them cool and safe.

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