Fix Twitch Black Screen Problem

How To Fix Twitch Black Screen Problem Solved 5 Different Ways

Twitch is a streaming platform for gameplay, live streaming, entertainment, and music by Amazon. It is loved and used by a lot of influencers or general users. Despite it being one of the best streaming platforms, it does sometimes face minor as well as some major issues that can be annoying. This article will target the black screen issue and help you solve the problem so that you continue to enjoy Twitch.

What is the Black Screen Issue?Twitch Black Scrren

While using twitch, many users have faced the most dreaded error of their screen turning black while streaming, disrupting their work. Users, as well as viewers, face this issue. There can be many causes for this issue to occur.

What Causes the Black Screen Issue?twitch Black Screen

The main reason for this problem to occur is a broken connection between your device and Twitch’s servers. The following are some primary causes for this issue.

  1. DNS Settings Failure: It is widespread for DNS settings not to work correctly. This, as a result, causes a black screen error.
  2. Hardware Acceleration: Although Hardware acceleration’s main purpose is to improve performance, it is common for it to clash with many websites and applications.
  3. IP Settings: Poor IP address configuration is sometimes the leading cause of internet issues that end up with a black screen.
  4. Browser Problems: Having a bad cache and corrupt data in your internet browser often leads to annoying errors like a black screen.
  5. Streaming Software Issues: The twitch server may have an issue. You may have checked thoroughly and found no problem, as the actual problem is with your streaming software. When there is a problem with the server, this issue is a common one to occur.

These are a few main causes of the black screen error. However, there are some practical solutions to solve this issue so you can get back to streaming content.

5 Best Solutions to Fix the Black Screen Issue

Before trying out these solutions, close all tabs on your browser and open them again, as this simple act can solve the issue. If it does not crack, then try the following solutions.

1. Check the Streaming Software’s ServersCheck the Streaming Software Server

This step needs to be done before trying out any other solution. This can be a central problem for the error. Many people start checking and trying out different things with their computer settings, unaware that there can be another main issue.

You need to check Twitch’s servers to see what the problem is. The first step that is recommended is checking on Twitch to see if other users are also facing the problem or if there is already an issue on the platform. You can check this by going to the ‘Twitch status page.’ If you find an issue, the best solution is to stay calm and waiting for the streaming platform to resolve the issue. If this is not the case, try other solutions provided.

2. Checking the Internet ConnectionChecking the Internet Connection

Online services like twitch require a stable internet connection. Many people face different types of errors while accessing online platforms like Twitch. The black screen is likely occurring due to unstable internet. If you want to ensure that this is the problem causing the error, it is best to check as your internet might be stable and the error is occurring due to something else entirely.

Go to a relevant website to check the speed of your Internet connection. See your internet’s upload and download bandwidth for that time. If that is the problem, disconnect your router and reconnect it after a few seconds. This will establish a link with ISP servers again. If you still have an unstable connection, launch a complaint to your internet service providers to resolve the issue.

3. Change DNSChange DNS

The DNS is likely facing some issues, as this problem can often cause the black screen error. To solve this, you will have to change your DNS. To change your DNS, you need to carry out these simple steps:

  • Click on the start menu bar on your PC.
  • Type ‘view network connections’ on the search bar on the start menu and open that.
  • Click on ‘properties’ from the option when you right-click on it.
  • Next, you will have to double click on ‘Internet Protocol version 4’.
  • Enter the following values after clicking on ‘use the following DNS server address or
  • Select OK and check if the error is solved.

4. Clear Browser Cache and CookiesClear Browser Cache and Cookies

Although cache and cookies improve loading times of websites alongside improving browser performance, they can become corrupted. This often causes many browsing errors on the computer. To resolve this annoying issue, you need to clear your browser cache and cookies. Follow this easy step-by-step process to achieve your task:

  • Open browser settings
  • Click on ‘privacy and security, then click on clear browsing data.
  • Include cache and cookies while changing the time range to ‘All-Time.’
  • Click on ‘clear data’ to remove unwanted data.
  • Go to Twitch to see if the black screen error has been solved; if not, go to the next solution.

5. Turn Off Hardware AccelerationTurn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration boosts system performance; however, it is not suitable for a few websites. This feature increases the graphics card when using graphic elements on your browser. However, as it is not ideal for a few websites, that is likely problematic with Twitch. Disable your hardware acceleration if you think this might be the main cause behind the black screen.

  • Go to settings on your browser.
  • Open the ‘system’ tab by expanding the ‘advanced’ tab.
  • Disable ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.

The black screen error can be annoying as it disrupts your work. However, these five solutions mentioned in this article are the most effective ones to solve your issue.


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