Crypto Escrow Agent

How to Find the Best Crypto Escrow Agent

An escrow agent is a third-party service that ensures the safety of your financial transaction. When buying cryptocurrency from a stranger, one is often confused as to whether trust them or not. Escrow agents or services at these times help in ensuring that the transactions are conducted safely.

One can either be buying bitcoins or exchanging his cryptocurrency or any kind of transaction with a stranger and feel unsafe. These escrow agents or services ensure the payment is upfront, only after the bitcoins are presented on the table. These services or agents also decide which party will have bitcoins in case of any dispute.

How to Find the Best Crypto Escrow Agent?how to find Escrow Agent

Most crypto escrow websites don’t have ratings or reviews to show whether they are good or bad. Moreover, most crypto escrow agents or services don’t last a long time to establish a reputation among people regarding their work. So, the only way to know about a crypto escrow agent or service is to work with them and see if they are trustworthy enough. But, don’t worry. This article has done the research and testing for you and presents you with some of the best crypto escrow services and agents.

Escrypto ServicesEscrypto Services

Before making a decision, thorough research was done, the experience of many traders was read, and then we found out about escrypto and their wide range of trustful and useful services.

The problem with finding a good and trustworthy escrow crypto service is people not being fully aware of bitcoin, its use, and its security aspects. People are interested in cryptocurrency and are willing to buy bitcoins as well but blockchain technology often confuses people which adds to their fear and they hesitate while dealing with strangers. The escrypto service is here to ensure that all your payments are secure and successful.

As discussed earlier, escrypto services offer a variety of services and the best part is no specific technical knowledge is needed to avail or understand these services. Some of the services provided by escrypto services are as follows,

  • Escypto services have smart contracts so that neither the buyer nor the seller is confused about the conditions.
  • Escrypto services also offer software that ensures securing of funds and products and protected transactions.
  • In case of any dispute between the seller and the buyer, escrypto services handle the dispute and decide who’ll keep the money or bitcoins.
  • They handle coin offerings, investing in crypto, purchasing cryptocurrencies, and converting money into bitcoins or cryptocurrency.
  • Escrypto uses crypto wallets to ensure the safekeeping and secure transaction of one’s money.
  • Escrypto service also has 24/7 customer service to solve any query of the customers.


Dealing with cryptocurrencies can be scary. Especially when a person is already confused and has little to no knowledge about bitcoins and crypto mining in UAE then he or she has to do transactions with a complete stranger. Trusting someone over the internet can be scary and these escrow services are there to help you out and ensure a smooth process.

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