Etisalat Bill Payments Online Through a Credit Card
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How to do Etisalat Bill Payments Online Through a Credit Card?

As the times are advancing so are the ways and methods of doing various things, whether it’s a small personal matter or any business-related task. The same goes for payment methods; the use of online payment methods has increased significantly, and more and more people are becoming inclined toward this method.

Etisalat is one of the finest institutions in the United Arab Emirates that is working in the finance sector and introducing more and more convenient ways for the people of the UAE to handle their payments.

One might consider it hectic to pay their bills, especially monthly bills, through credit cards. It might be complex or not so trustworthy for some people. But don’t worry, by reading this article one can fully understand the payment method and carry out their transactions easily.

How do Pay Etisalat Bill Payments Online Through a Credit Card?Ways to pay Etisalat bills

One can pay their Etisalat bills online as well. They can do so through their credit card. All one needs to do is provide the necessary information on the website and smoothly complete the process. The steps required for online payment are explained below,

  • Open the official website for Etisalat Bill Payment Portal.
  • Register on the website.
  • Enter the information and log in on the credit card page.
  • Choose from the different methods of payment, in this case, select a credit card.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Click the submit button.

Are There Any Charges or Fees In Etisalat Bill Payments?bill payment charge

The charges vary depending on the kind of payment one wants to do. The process and all the information are given below,

Different charges apply to various kinds of Etisalat accounts. In addition, transaction fees vary depending on the payment method chosen, such as credit card, check payment, and many more. One should read the policies of the payment method they are considering before choosing a particular way of payment to pay your Etisalat online credit card bill.

To make the bill payment process easier for their clients, Etisalat has started introducing different methods of payment to ensure smooth payments. Whether one is looking forward to making payments through a credit card, or one is considering Quick Pay or even the UAE app named My Etisalat, they are all convenient ways to make payments.

What are the Different Ways to Pay Online Through a Credit Card?online payments credit cards

There are three different ways in which one can use their credit card to pay Etisalat bill payment. The most common and popular ways are,

  • Credit cards originated in UAE
  • Through the Etisalat app named “My Etisalat UAE” App
  • Paying Etisalat Bill through mCash


Etisalat’s vision is to drive a digital future sync with social media that has the potential for economic growth and development in all markets. With these development plans and opportunities, Etisalat is focusing on providing convenient services to its customers, and convenient bill payment is one of the convenient services for customers. There are many methods of paying through credit cards introduced for the ease of people, these methods include UAE credit cards, the Etisalat app, Etisalat Bill payment on mCash, e-wallet, and many more.

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