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How Much Does Sofa Reupholstering Cost in Dubai?

So you have decided that you need a new sofa, or perhaps just to stylishly reupholster your old one. Here are some tips on how much reupholstering costs in Dubai according to the scale of work required, and what’s included in the price.

Upholstery is a detailed job, so make sure you get a professional company to do the job. If you are skilled with needle and thread, by all means, do the work yourself.

As far as price is concerned, it can range anywhere from AED 1400 per sofa set, up to AED 3000 for larger items depending on how elaborate your design ideas are.

The following criteria determine the price of your reupholstering project.

1. Scales of Work Required

sofa reupholstering cost in Dubai depend on scale of work required

The scale of work can range from a simple cushion replacement to a whole sofa or chaise being completely dismantled, the old fabric being removed and new upholstery being sewn. Replacing just one cushion usually falls within the AED 50 to 100 price bracket.

Replacing the entire sofa unit including armrests, backrest and base will cost around AED 3000.

2. Types of Fabric

Sofa fabrics

If you need plush velvet upholstery on your furniture, expect to pay more than if you choose a lightweight polyester or cotton upholstery. Fabric prices range from AED 60 per meter upwards depending on the quality and type.

3. Time

Sofa reupholstering cost in Dubai depends on time

Often you need to leave your furniture with the upholsterer for one or two days, so it’s best if you choose a company that has its workshop close by. If you have to travel hours to pick up your items, low and behold their bill will be high too! You should also allow for extra time if you have to wait for your sofa/mattress to be delivered.

4. Types of Stitching

One of the main factor of sofa reupholstering cost in Dubai depends on types of stitching

Different types of stitches can determine the overall look and style of a piece of upholstery Dubai. The basic zigzag stitch is the cheapest option for reupholstering, while a more elaborate stitch with different colors will cost more.

5. Depth of a Seat

Depth of a Seat

Comfort is an important factor in choosing your upholstered piece, so make sure the seat cushion is plush enough. If you choose to add extra cushions or filling to your sofa, expect to pay more for it.

6. Types of Material Used

Types of material used is one of the main factor on which cost of sofa reupholster vary

Different types of materials will add to the overall look and feel of your sofa. For example, a faux suede will add a plush and soft look while real leather would add an executive touch to the piece.

The cost of upholstering is dependent on a variety of different factors, including the overall look you want to achieve and whether or not you intend to use it as a functioning piece afterward. In any case, there are many companies that will provide an estimate based on your needs after inspecting your sofa/mattress.

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