Cost of An Average Cleaning Service Vs Maids

If you’re on a budget but forced by necessity to hire someone to clean your house, you may be caught between two choices: should you hire a cleaning service or a maid? Which would cost you less with good quality of work?

To determine this, you need to look at what services these jobs will give you and what cost.

A live-in maid hired from a housemaids supply agency has a job description that is very flexible and can include all kinds of cleaning, cooking, laundry, tidying, looking after children even your day-to-day grocery shopping to stock up on supplies that are running low.

On the other hand, a cleaning service can include cleaning each room in a basic way, including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping kitchen appliances and countertops.

Besides these, more specific services include deep cleaning the sofa, mattresses, carpets, ceiling, light fixtures, polishing furniture, power-washing the patio and porch, scrubbing bathroom tiles, unclogging drains or pipes, and cleaning kitchen backsplashes or backsplashes. All the extra services need additional money, and costs vary from agency to agency.

Factors Affecting Cost of the Average Cleaning Services

The charging rates of cleaning services depend on various factors.

1. Size of the House

Factors Affecting Cost of the Average Cleaning Services is Size of House

The house size decides the end charges; the greater the number of rooms in a house, the higher the cleaning charges become.

2. Number of Hours

Factors Affecting Cost of the Average Cleaning Services is Number of Hours

Bookings are usually made on hourly rates with costs of around 50 AED per hour for two hours. Rates go down as the number of hours increases with 40 AED per hour for three hours and just 35 AED per hour for four hours.

3. Type of Service

Type of Service

Rates vary according to what type of service you require, whether primary or deep cleaning, with different rates for specific deep cleaning services in most agencies.

Keeping this in mind, an average three-bedroom house in the UAE would require around 800 AED per month if the employer could get a basic cleaning service four times a month with a deep clean once a month.

The Cost of Hiring a Maid in the UAE

The Cost of Hiring a Maid in the UAE

Hiring a live-in maid full-time from domestic helpers agencies like Tadbeer includes a monthly salary package and the agency fee, lodging and food costs of the maid, medical care of the maid, and annual flight charges for foreign maids.

All these costs add up to about 15000 AED per month.

If you were to hire domestic helpers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, it would cost you 120 AED per four hours and 200 AED per eight hours. Employers are required to pay a minimum salary of 1,120 AED for a week and 3,500 AED for a month.

At this rate, for an average three-bedroom house in the UAE, it would cost 480 AED to get a maid to work four hours per week for a month.


It is clear that hiring a maid through a housemaid hiring agency is cheaper at 480 AED than the 800 AED one would pay for a house cleaning as maids have a fixed salary with no varying rates for different services on hours or months in service.

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