Best Cases for 14-inch MacBook Pro

8 Best Cases for 14-inch MacBook Pro

Since the 14 Macbook pro was launched, it has gained tremendous popularity and praise. This Macbook is meant to be clearly shown, setting a statement. However, it is best to always secure it in a case for maximum security. Considering the overwhelming price, owners are always concerned regarding its safety.

If you want the best MacBook pro 14 inch case, we have some really good options for you to consider.

How to Choose the Best Case?

When looking for a 14 inch MacBook pro case that will provide you maximum benefits, you need to consider some important factors.

When choosing a case you need to lay out your requirements for the case. Consider the environment or your workspace where you will take your MacBook to. If it is harsh then look for a case accordingly. Added to this you also need to discover your color and print preferences. If you like to have a basic color or you would want to go a little out of the box. There are a variety of cases providing both options.

8 best cases of 14-inch MacBook prolaptopsleeves

1. B Belk MacBook Pro Printed Case

This MacBook pro 2022 case 14 inch adds a lot more character to your Macbook pro due to the beautiful finish. It is available in different colored marbles and prints. Along with the classy design to suit your unique taste it also has the best quality. It is a hard case cover, that will do a fine job of protecting your Macbook against bumps as well as scratches. Along with being highly durable its color or pattern does not fade as well. This case in particular also comes with a screen protector and keyboard cover.

2. Spigen Urban Fit MacBook Pro 14” Hard Shell Case

This case is best suitable if you are looking for a lightweight yet highly durable case.  Along with being lightweight, it also allows a firm and comfortable grip that aids in carrying your Macbook to places. This case is made from polycarbonate which allows it to stay secure from harsh bumps. Added to this case has elevated rubberized feet that prevent thermal trolling and are beneficial for heat distribution. You need to get this case if you want something that provides maximum security yet is lightweight and easy to carry.

3. Fintie Protective Case 14-inch MacBook ProFintie Protective Case 14-inch MacBook Pro

If you work in a workplace that has a high chance of causing damage to your 14- inch Macbook pro, this is definitely the right case for you. The 14- inch Macbook pro is delicate and requires protection. Owners are constantly worried they will seriously damage it upon dropping. This case, due to the huge bumpers in the corners makes sure your Macbook remains safe. Along with this, the case is extremely easy to install and remove along with the bottom cutout that helps with ventilation.

4. MOSISO MacBook Pro 14-inch PU Leather Cover Sleeve with Stand

If you are looking for a case that will look super classy as well as will blend in with your office, this case is the best possible option. With a variety of 3 colors, the sleeve with a stand allows better cess to it during working. With the ability to absorb shock the case promises durability as well as longevity. You should definitely opt for this case that will look decent and professional while also providing adequate protection.

5. ProCase MacBook Pro 14” Case with Foldable Kickstand

This case is a hardcover case which means it promises protection against small drops as well as bumps. Along with this, it has a stand that provides ease while working at a desk. This case in particular comes in five cool colors to choose from according to your personality as well as the theme of the working space. The wrap-around bumper as well as the good ventilation system are some of its key features.

6. Incase Hardshell Dot CaseIncase Hardshell Dot Case

This case has earned many positive reviews from its users due to its amazing features. This hard case provides good protection from small drops as well as bumps thus making it a highly durable case. Along with its extremely stylish looks, it is lightweight as well as fits really well on a 14-inch Macbook air. This case comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It also has a cool pink color to add a little more character to your MacBook.

7. Moshi Muse 14 3-in-1 Slim Laptop Sleeve

This case is a slim laptop sleep that is highly practical as well as lightweight. This affordable case is slip resistant due to which it comes in one of the best case categories. It has a comfortable stand that provides ease while typing due to the elevated angle. Along with this, it also has a small storage compartment that comes in very handy to store small items. This case is a practical yet stylish way to keep all your gadgets safe. It comes in black, brown, pink, and white colors so that you can match the theme of your working environment.

8. GABraden Design CaseGABraden Design Case

If you want a case that is a little out of the box yet extremely stylish, you should definitely opt for this case. The case has a translucent shell thus providing good protection against small bumps and drops as well as scratches. The textured design provides a firm and comfortable grip as well. All these elements make this case highly durable and promise longevity.  You can get this in a flower print or stylish marble prints in different colors of blues, purple as well as ash to suit your taste.

Final words

All these cases include affordable as well as the best quality options. We have added variety in the given options to suit your different tastes. Choose the best case for you according to the style you prefer and the other elements you are looking for.

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